[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”How to find cheap new year’s flights.” font_container=”tag:h1|font_size:40px|text_align:left|color:%231e73be|line_height:10px” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]Flight fares during the holidays are always high. So many people are traveling during the holiday seasons. New year is not an exception. Actually the new year is one of those holidays celebrated worldwide and therefore you can be sure that the flight fares go really high. The airlines are trying to make the most out of this once in a year opportunity. Any chance they get to fill up their airplanes and make the most profit out of it, they will take it. The competition by passengers to snatch any available seat helps to increase the flight fares even more. Therefore because of these high fares we want to teach you how to find cheap new year’s flights.

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When do flight fares start going up?

To be able to understand how to play around the high new year holiday fares its best to understand these important dates. You need to know when the flight fares start going up and when they go down. Usually the fares go up a few days before the Christmas and go down way after the new year. To be specific with dates, the fares start going up at around 18th December and go down at around 8th January. In between these dates is when most traveling for Christmas and new year holiday happens.

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Usually the first wave of fare hike comes from the early travelers going to spend their holidays with their families. Then the second wave comes way close to the Christmas and this is from those very busy businessmen and businesswomen who didn’t get the time to go for holidays earlier. The last wave is for those people who are traveling from city to city for fun during the festive seasons. Then just after the first day of the year comes the return wave. This is the period of time when people start returning back to their jobs and their residences from their relatives homes. Always keep this in mind in order to find cheap new year’s flights.

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The first return wave of people is mainly comprised of the business people who are in hurry to get back to their businesses and then the second wave of travelers is the general population that had gone for holidays. The airlines knows these travel patterns pretty well and they exploit them to their best. They know when the common population is traveling and the flight fares become high. The airlines know when the business class travel and the flight fares become highest at this time. They know that the business people don’t really care about the flight fares. Whatever fare the airline charges they will pay without complaints. Therefore for your advice this is not the best time to travel.

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When to book new year’s flight tickets?

If you have been reading our matini flights posts you must have read that the earlier you book a flight ticket the better chances you have of getting lower fares. Similarly in this case the earlier you book the flights the better chances of getting better prices. Therefore to book early you need to know when the airlines start selling the flight tickets for the new year holiday period. In most cases the airlines start selling the tickets for any flight almost a year before. Therefore the flight tickets for 2021 January are on sale right now as we speak. However there are a few exceptions of some budget airlines like southwest that start selling their flight tickets a few months before.

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However booking the flight tickets so early like an year before might not be the best practice. You might miss the chances of fare drops if you book so early. On the other hand if you wait so much you will miss all the cheap flight seats. Because remember you are not the only person booking flight tickets early to save money. Therefore with this in mind you understand that its important to book at the right time. Usually the best time to book the flight tickets for the new year is about 10 to 6 months before the new year. This is when the flight tickets are most likely to best priced. During this time you can find the price drops. Later than this time the flight tickets will start going up again.

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Therefore you should always keep in mind the best time to book new year’s flight tickets in order to find cheap new year’s flights.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Choose alternate airports to save money.

During these festive seasons, there are certain airports that get super busy while others remain quite idle. This is because certain airports connect certain places that are very common for holidays. There are airports that play a major role when people are going to their native homes for holiday. Unlike the normal times when there are no people going homes, these airports remain with less traffic. In most cases during holidays people are leaving the major cities to the rural areas to meet their families and parents. This means that the major cities airports are busy for the outward flights and less busy for the incoming routes.

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Knowing this it is your opportunity to get smart with it. Know the airlines that get busier during the holiday seasons and those that get less busy during the holiday seasons. You need to know the routes that get busier during holidays and those that get less busy. With this kind of information you can perfectly plan your travel. Thus you can book a flight that takes you to a less airport. This will cost you way less than flights to busier airports. Similarly you can book a flight that goes through a route that is less busy during the festive seasons. Its all upon you to be smart with it.

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Moreover you can even book flights to another town or destination other than where you are going. After reaching that town take a bus or a train or even a cab to your destination city. This will cut you a lot of flight fares to even half the total. Do not forget this it is very important to help you find cheap new year’s flights.

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Change travel dates.

This might not apply for the business people who are on an a tight schedule. However for the vacation travelers this can really work for you. Think about it. Instead of traveling during the peak time when everyone is traveling you can change your date to earlier or later. You can go for your vacation earlier than the festive season. Similarly you can return after the festive season. This will save you a hefty load of money as well as stress. Yes stress. Traveling during the festive seasons can be quite hectic. The overcrowding at the public places, the waiting at the customs, the long TSA queues, terrible traffic jams, and so much more. If you travel earlier you can avoid all this.

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So now you know how to find cheap new year’s flights.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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