[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”How to find cheap one way international flights” font_container=”tag:h1|font_size:40px|text_align:left|color:%23008cdd|line_height:40px” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]Many travelers wonder whether its better to book a one way ticket or a round trip ticket. Well the answer is the round trip is better. The round trip ticket is always cheaper than booking two separate tickets for to and fro. This has a lot to do with the airlines flights pricing systems. The airlines purposely make round trip tickets cheaper than separate tickets to encourage more people to book round trips. Therefore by doing so the airlines increase their sales and have a guarantee that their airplanes will not return empty or less than full. More so the way that the airlines price the air fares is such that the further away in the future you book the cheaper the ticket. To learn more about How to find cheap one way international flights read the full article.

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Why are one-way international flights very expensive?

First of all before we answer this question you need to know the type of travelers that use airlines. This will help you understand how to find cheap one way international flights.

a) Vacation travelers.

These are travelers who travel for fun. They usually plan their journeys in advance. They usually book their flights long ahead. These travelers are very price-sensitive. They are always hunting for cheaper prices. These type of travelers are more likely to book round trips.

b) Business travelers.

These are travelers that travel for work/business related purposes. They usually don’t travel their journey in advance. It just happens within a short notice. They book their flights right away. Business travelers are not price-sensitive. They are most likely to book one way trips because their journeys are not future planned.

Reasons for very expensive one way trip fares.

Now that you know the types of travelers you can now understand why the airlines makes one way trips more expensive. No matter what prices the airlines fix for one way trip they know that the business travelers will book them. The business travelers are more concerned with the time rather than money. Therefore the airlines take advantage of that. In addition to why one way trips are more expensive is that if they were cheap everyone would just book one way. If everyone books only one way flight tickets, that means the aircraft might not get enough passengers on the return trip.

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Thus to make sure that the airline gets as many ticket bookings for all routes as possible, they have to encourage round trips. They can do this best by making round trip tickets less costly than one way ticket. Therefore in keeping the round trip fares low and one way trips fares high, the airlines benefit in both ways. They benefit from the expensive one way trip as well as more bookings for round trip. This makes it hard to find cheap one way international flights.

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I would advice you to book round trips whenever possible. Booking round trip tickets has so many advantages when compared to one way trips. In addition to saving money you have some assurance that no matter what happens you have your ticket back home. The only case whereby booking round trip might not be possible is if you are not sure when you will return. You can always find cheap one way international flights fares on matini flights plus the discounts that we offer those who book with us.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Which airlines provide cheap one-way international trip fares?

Most legacy airlines like American airline and Qatar airways charge very expensive for one way international trips. However, budget airlines like southwest and spirit airlines provide very cheap international one-way tickets. We analyzed a full list that is going to help you find cheap one way international flights to anywhere.

Airlines that offer cheapest one-way international trip fares in and out of USA, Mexico and Canada.

You can use the airlines bellow to find cheap one way international flights in the North American region.

Allegiant Air

Spirit Airlines

JetBlue Airways

Frontier Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

However remember that these budget airlines do not have good comfort. Especially for long journeys it might be very uncomfortable for you.

Airlines that provide cheap international one way trips for European region.

You can use the airlines bellow to find cheap one way international flights in the European region.


Norwegian Air


Wizz Air


TAP Air Portugal



We recommend easyjet because it is a more established budget airline in Europe as compared with the others. Easyjet gives you a complete breakdown of their charges for the ticket so you can know what you are paying for. Also beware of the hidden fees when using most of these budget airlines especially Ryanair.

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Airlines with cheap international one-way flights in the Caribbean and Latin America.

You can use the airlines bellow to find cheap one way international flights in the Caribbean-Latin region.

Southwest Airlines

Azul Brazilian Airlines

Avianca Airlines

Spirit Airlines


Sky Airline



Southwest airlines is a new entry into the Latin market. They never used to fly that far from US before.

Airlines that offer cheap international one way flights in the Asia and Oceania regions.

You can use the airlines bellow to find cheap one way international flights in the Asian-Oceania region.






Jetstar Airways

Air New Zealand

HK Express

Cebu Pacific



Jeju Air

We would recommend air New Zealand and Qantas because they are a bit more comfortable than the rest. They also offer baggage inclusion option in the flight booking.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

How can travelers save money on a one-way international flight?

1.Booking on matini flights to find cheap one way international flights.

Matini flights is an online flights booking website that is highly optimized to help you find the cheapest flights possible. We have so many features that can help you find your desired flight quickly and easily. Moreover we cater for luxury travelers too. We have filters of all kinds to help you filter through the results to zero down to your target flight. Matini flights systems suggest you with some of the best flight connections and routes suggestions. With matini flights services, finding cheap one way international flights has never been easier.

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2. Book changeable tickets.

If you frequent a certain route, you can book an extra ticket for that route even though you are not planning to use it right away. This way, you know that one day you are gonna use that ticket. In doing so, you save some money because booking tickets ahead is cheaper. Similarly you can make it a round trip. Even though you are not returning soon you know that the round trip ticket is cheaper. When booking such changeable tickets you can give it a long time ahead in the future. This is because you don’t know exactly when you will travel.  Booking changeable tickets is another great way to find cheap one way international flights.

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3. Book a “throwaway ticket” to find cheap one way international flights at matini flights.

Because in most cases one way tickets are more expensive than round trip tickets, you can book a round trip ticket, fly out then never return. This means that you will book a round trip ticket for less fly one way with it and never come for the return trip. Mainly this is when you don’t have a return journey. This a great way to find cheap one way international flights, however this is not encouraged by airlines. They don’t like it because its kind of loss to them because your return seat will be empty. Furthermore, you can try to cancel the return ticket. If you are lucky they might refund your return money and thus you end up paying very less for the flight.

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4. Find alternative airports to find cheap one way international flights.

Another way to find cheap one way international flights is by using alternative airports rather than the main big airports. In our article about How to book the cheapest flights to anywhere, we talked about the benefits of booking flights to smaller airport. Its always cheaper to fly into a smaller airport than a major airport because of the reasons we mentioned in that article. Read it to understand the whole reason why you should fly into smaller airports instead of major airports.

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