[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Everything you need to know about budget airlines” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]Budget airlines are the low cost airlines that are dedicated to helping you get to your destination at low costs. These kind of airlines usually charge lesser than other airlines flying to the same destination. The budget airlines are really helpful to those who cant afford the luxury expensive airlines. Many people make the assumption that budget airlines are just small airlines with a small fleet. This is however not the case. There are so many myths surrounding the budget airlines. That’s why we are going to cover everything you need to know about budget airlines.

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Budget airlines mostly fly in and out of smaller airports.

You might have realized that it is more common to see the budget airlines at the small airports more often than the large airports. There are reasons for that. One of the main reasons for that is money. Of course money is always at the center of almost everything. These budget airlines fly to and from small airports to save money. The reason is that the large airports are very busy with so many landings and takeoffs. This makes it expensive to secure a landing slot at these large airports. Comparatively, the smaller airports have less landings and takeoffs. This makes it easier and cheaper to secure a landing slot at the small airports. Thus the budget airlines can save money on that.

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The other reason why the budget airlines land at the small airport is because of the aircraft size. Most budget airlines operate the smaller aircrafts like the airbus A320 and the Boeing B737. These are smaller aircrafts as compared to large aircrafts like Boeing B747 AND airbus A380. I know you are wondering “what does the airrcraft size have to do with airport?” The answer is, the very large aircrafts like A380 and B747 cannot land or takeoff from small airports. These large aircrafts require very long runways to land and take off. They also require larger and more sophisticated equipments and facilities to handle when at the airport. An example is that these large aircrafts require very large taxi ways for turning during taxiing. Most small airports don’t have that.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Budget airlines charge less than non-budget airlines.

This is their name. Otherwise how could they be referred to as budget airlines if they didn’t charge less? The main aim of the budget airlines is to charge less money for the air-tickets for the customers. This also serves as an advantage for these airlines. Because the lesser you charge the more customers you are likely to have. The budget airlines have so many adaptations to help them be able to run the whole process at a low cost. In doing so they can be able to get you the flight tickets at a lower cost than all the others. However the budget airlines travel experience is not the best. Like you know, the more expensive the better quality. This applies here too. The flight experience in the expensive non-budget airlines is way better than the budget airlines. It is more comfortable and the catering is amazing. This might not be the case for the budget airlines.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Budget airlines target leisure travelers.

The budget airlines are known to target the frequent leisure travelers as compared to business travelers. There are a number of reasons why they target the leisure travelers. The first reason is that the budget airlines don’t have the luxury designed cabins that cater for business and economy travelers. Second reason is that budget airlines have more flight cancellations and rescheduling as compared to non-budget commercial airlines. This means that these airlines are not best suited for business travelers who have no time to waste due to flight cancellation. For leisure travelers on the other hand, they do not have much problems with flights cancellation or changes.

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This makes the budget airlines not very interested in getting into heavy travel contracts with other major companies. For example when a company wants to move their workers to a certain place that involves so many people they will definitely go for non-budget airlines.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Budget airlines usually fly short routes.

Budget airlines usually fly short routes as compared to non-budget airlines that travel long hauls. There are a number of reasons why the budget airlines travel the short routes. One is because the non-budget airlines concentrate more on the long haul routes. It is almost impossible for the budget airlines to compete with these large non-budget airlines. The second reason is because of the target passengers of the budget airlines. The kind of travelers that the budget airlines target have short travel destinations.

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The third reason is passengers preference. There is nobody who wants to travel a long haul journey in an uncomfortable aircraft. Like I said above, the travel experience in the budget airlines is not the best. Therefore no person would prefer to spend a 14 hours flight in such a flight. The fourth reason is that in some cases the budget airlines may not be well equipped for long haul flights. This means that the budget airlines might be lacking the necessary equipments like long haul aircrafts that are required for long haul flights. If you don’t know about aeroplanes, not all airplanes can fly long distances. Aeroplanes like A380 and B747 are designed to fly long distances. Aeroplanes like A318 and B737 are designed only for short distance flights. Like I said above, the budget airlines mostly operate smaller aircrafts. Therefore by what i have said they are best suited for short distance flights.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Budget airlines have simple flight tickets pricing systems.

Unlike the non-budget commercial airlines that have very complicated pricing systems, the budget airlines have simpler ticketing systems. The reason is that the non-budget airlines have very large numbers of people flying with them at all times. They also have so many people booking with them at all times. More importantly these non-budget airlines have pre-planned flights to very far in the future. This means that the airlines have to get the airplanes filled before the flight. In order to do this the airline has to keep adjusting the tickets prices regularly to get the most bookings. Keep in mind that the airlines cant be just cancelling the flights anyhow when there are no enough passengers. This is because like we said above the airlines have fixed landing/takeoff slots at the airports. These landing/takeoff slots are expensive and thus cancelling means loosing money.

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On the other hand, budget airlines don’t have all these problems because their operations are almost entirely different from the non-budget airlines. Lesser bookings, they use smaller airports that are cheaper for landing/takeoff slots. They also don’t have flights planned very far in the future.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”336″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]

Budget airlines have fewer seating configurations.

When you book a flight ticket with non-budget airlines you will, you will realize that there are different seating configurations. There is the first class which is the most expensive of all the other seats configurations. It is more spacious, more private and more comfortable. There is the business class that is also a luxury seat configuration. There is the economy seat configuration which is way less expensive than the first class. It is the seats for most common traveler. All these configurations are designed to meet the needs of the traveler who “don’t have problem with tickets cost”. This is unlike the budget airlines because their biggest concern is the money.

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The budget airlines are interested in providing you with a cheap means of travel. So why should be they having the super-expensive first class configurations? Actually in some budget airlines you find that when you get into the airplane you just sit wherever you want. The seats are not designated to any individual passenger.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Budget airlines follow the point-to-point model.

The point-to-point flight model is whereby the airline flies from one destination to another destination. They fly direct from one airport to another airport depending on the flight bookings of the passengers. This is a very simple flight plan. On the other hand the legacy airlines use a hub-and-spoke system. This is a system whereby the airlines fly people from many airports allover the world to a common destination. Like a major airport like Dubai. Then from this major airport the airlines fly out to allover the world carrying the passengers to their desired destinations.

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Both the flight plan models have their advantages to their respective airlines. The hub-and-spoke model is best suited for long haul flights. It is also best suited for very large aircrafts like A380  and B747 because at these main hubs, the big airplanes can fill up. If the large airplanes were to fly from point-to-point, it would be very difficult to fill them. The budget airlines with small airplanes don’t need those many passengers hence it is easy for them to fill the whole airplane using point-to-point model.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Unbundled fares are standard on budget airlines, unlike many legacy airlines.

Unbundled booking model involves where you first book the basic requirements of the flight. The basic requirements are a seat for you and a carriage for only one luggage. This seat is not designated to you. You only know that you have a seat in that plane. Then afterwards you can add more “upgrades” to your booking. These upgrades may include things like extra luggages, extra seats, a better seat configuration, inflight drinks and food and much more. That’s how an unbundled booking system works.

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This is most commonly used by the budget airlines. However there are a few non-budget airlines that have embraced this method of booking. This is more convenient for the passengers that want to save money by only paying for what they want. Unlike the bundled tickets that you pay for everything when you book the ticket. This includes everything even though you might not use everything.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Budget airlines are not in interline agreements and don’t partnerships or alliances.

Unlike legacy airlines and subsidiary budget airlines, the budget airlines are not a part of the many inter airlines agreements. Examples of these interline agreements are OneWorld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance. The budget airlines also do not form partnerships with other airlines. They do not participate in alliances. This is because the budget airlines are more simplistic and mostly involve point-to-point flights routing model. They budget airlines gather passengers on their own and do not rely on the alliances to  get the benefits of connecting flights passengers.

Flying with an airline that has interline agreement is very important because of connecting flights. When you book long haul flights with an airline that has interline agreement you will only have to book one ticket for the entire journey. The advantage is also that you will not need to handle your luggage personally. Once your luggage has been taken at the start of the journey, you can forget about it and find it at your final destination. When you book long haul flight ticket with airline without interline agreement you will need to book many separate tickets. This can be inconvenient for you when traveling because you will be like starting a new journey after every connection. I mean from checking in to luggage handling to everything.

Also these individually booked tickets can inconvenience your entire journey because if one flight delays you and you miss the next flight that’s it for you. You loose all the remaining flights. However when you fly with an airline with interline agreement, If they delay the flight before and you miss the next flight, they will take care of you. They might give you a hotel to stay and wait for next flight. They will also get you another flight to your destination.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

More information about budget airlines.

Limited passenger services. Any additional services may be charged extra.

Low average fare mainly focused at competition with fellow budget airlines.

Different fares depending on the time before departure and also the aircrafts’ load factors.

Most of their flight tickets bookings are done through the internet.

Their aircrafts are very highly utilized with short turnarounds between operations.

Have fleets of a few aircraft types.

They are mostly private companies.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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