How to book the cheapest flights to anywhere.

We all have been in the struggle to catch that cheapest flight. Unfortunately its not that easy because the whole process can be complicated. We wrote another article before on How to save money booking flights tickets online. To help you book the cheapest flights to anywhere we have written this article. Read through to know how to land the cheapest flight tickets when you book flight tickets again in the future.

Bellow are the tricks to help you book the cheapest flights to anywhere.

  1. Use only the best flights search engines.

when searching for flights don’t just use any website to book flights. Use only the best flights search engines that will show you the best flights and with the best discounts. Flights booking websites like MATINI Flights will show you the cheapest flights available for you. Matini flights will show you the best flights connections for any routes and any flights connections. Thats not all because we researched more flights booking engines to help you save a lot. Sky scanner, AirFare watchdog will help you find fares and sale errors. Momondo which is a broad flights search engine. Kiwi.com combines airlines and helps create new routes and connections that are cheaper than booking with just one airline. JetRadar that includes low-cost airlines that many other search engines ignore. Airwander allows you extend layovers to sleepovers thus enabling you visit two places at the same time. Google flights is also good for searching and comparing prices in order to book the cheapest flights available.

By the beginning of 2019 most low-cost airlines will not be appearing in most search engines. So to make sure that you see all the possible budget airlines go through more than one search engine we have mentioned to make sure that there are no airlines missing. Budget airlines are the easiest shot to book the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world. The luxury airlines will never get you this kind of opportunity.


  2. Fly for free with points bonus.

The cheapest flight you can get is free by using the bonus points of your credit card. If you don’t have any travel rewards credit card don’t worry. Getting one is not hard all you need to do is signup with any airline’s reward credit card. Also you don’t have to register with any single specific airline. You can register with a general travel reward card and you can redeem your points with any airline. Checkout this list of travel cards that you can try to register. We recommend chase sapphire for their great features like lot of bonus like 60000 bonus for a spending of only $4000. You can redeem these 60000 points for up to $750 with other airlines. Also there is no international charges on this card. Thus you can book the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world without using any money.

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  3. Keep your searches a secret.

One thing that many people don’t know is that flights tickets prices are not fixed and they change all the time. The reason is because the airlines want to charge the highest prices possible for a ticket. At the same time they don’t want to fly with an empty or half full airplane. So on their websites they have cookies that constantly monitor the level of demand a certain route has. Therefore the more you search the route on your browser the website realizes that the route is on more demand and the prices may seem to go up. This is because the airlines want to scare you to book earlier thinking that the seats to that route are running out. So be wise. Every time you are searching for flights use your browser in flight mode. To switch your browser to flight mode just hit control+shift+p for moxilla firefox and for google chrome hit control+shift+n. you gotta be smart to book the cheapest flights online


  4. Identify the cheapest day to book your flight.

In most practices it is wise to book flights during the week days because lesser people travel during the weekdays. However, that is not the case because flights tickets prices are quite fluctuating. Therefore the best thing to do is to keep watch of the tickets prices for a considerable amount of time. You can do this by just visiting matini flights and entering the dates that you plan to travel and all the available prices as well as future prices will be availed to you. Don’t miss out on a chance to book the cheapest flights available by just not checking.


  5. Use low-cost airlines to book cheapest flights.

We all know that low-cost airlines are always there to save the day when you travel plans goes sideways. Sometimes you have everything well planned out only to realize that you overspent the money and now you cant afford to book flights with the expensive airlines again. So the solution that everyone runs to is the budget airlines. With the low-cost airlines like south west you can book the cheapest flights for whatever route you want to go. Moreover we made a full list of most of the low-cost airlines that you can use when you are going anywhere.

List of low-cost airlines to book the cheapest flights.


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Flair Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Air Canada Rouge



WOW Air (cheap flights to Europe from Toronto/Montreal)

Air Transat





Wow Air

Norwegian Air (great rates to book cheapest flights between Europe/North America)




Iberia Express

Wizz Air


TUI Airways Ireland

Aer Lingus

Aigle Azur


  6. Book connecting flights yourself.

When booking flights online and there is no direct flights available, you realize that the booking age3nt tend to connect flights for you. Unfortunately, some of the booking agents don’t connect the cheapest flights for you. This most often leads to you having to pay more for the connection flights than you could have paid if you booked then connection flights yourself. The best advice is to search the website for the flights eg. matini flights, then check the prices of the connection flights they are offering. On your own search the single flights that connect to where you are going and add up  the total prices to see which is cheaper. The website connection flights or the flights you have searched for yourself. For the case of matini flights most of the connecting flights are the cheapest available. However for some booking websites out there you might realize that their connection flights are not the cheapest. So whenever you book connecting flights with other booking agents its always wise to check yourself. By doing so you can book the cheapest flights and save a lot of money

7. Book tickets to “hidden” cities.

Sometimes you realize that there is a city very close to your destination city whose tickets are so cheap. Cheap to almost half the price you paid for your ticket. The “hidden” city is just a few kilometers away from your destination city. If you booked your ticket to this “hidden” city you could have paid way less for the same ticket. Then after arriving to the ” hidden” city just take a cab to your real destination. It will be a chance for you to explore new places and at the same time save a whole lot of money on your flight ticket. A golden chance to book the cheapest flights to anywhere.

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